Location: Øksnes
Meløya, 8432 Alsvåg (show map)

Naustvika - where New stories are being told.
The small sheep farms situated in Meløya have been making history and food for seven generations.
Now we want to share it with you.

From the time our ancestors settled on Meløya more than 200 years ago, have the two sheep farm neighbours Valheim and Meløy gård had lights in their cowsheds. The fences for the sheep run down to the long ground shores and out in the sea, and the sheep are living and pasturage more of half the year out in the wildest nature in the world. Neighbours, family and friends all come together during the autumn, and run up and down the steep hillsides in the mountains of Alsvåg to gather the sheep into small herds, and bring them down to the small island of Meløya. On this island are also our own free range pigs, and our new breed, the Dexter cattle. The Dexter cattle are a breed of cattle originating in Ireland, and the smallest of the European cattle breeds.

On the island we have our boathouse – Naust – and there we meet for a joke, a funny story, and even sometimes a lie, and – of course a delicious meal.
The boathouse cove – Naustvika - is where stories are being told, and where our livestock graze. And it is the place from where we took our name.

Our restaurant is situated in Nyksund, one of the most exiting old fishing villages – a ghost town in the northern part of Norway - just next to where our ancestors run their small fishery back in the days.
In our restaurant Naustvika can you also taste our different types of beer from our own small brewery. The beer is of course made with pride, love, some good old local Norwegian swearing words, and a small portion of good, butnotsotrue stories.

Sometimes we also have a singer – songwriter or a small band to entertain us and our guests.

Naustvika serves you the real food, beer and the culture from the wildest nature of the World. We look forward to see you soon!

Open middle of June - beginning of August. Open all week.

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